Spring Round Mirrors for Hallway Design


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Spring Round Mirrors for Hallway Design


Spring is almost here and it’s time to prepare your home interiors for this lovely season. And what can be better than receive your guests with the shiny spring spirit? Room Decor Ideas thinks that the hallway should be the first space where you should change your room decoration. So, here you have the best spring round mirrors for hallway design!



Spring Round Mirrors for Hallway Design
Stella Mirror by KOKET

There’s nothing better to introduce Spring at home interiors than floral design pieces. This floral mirror by KOKET is the perfect spring touch to add to a hallway. The flowers in its structure are delicate and so glamorous!


Spring Round Mirrors for Hallway Design
Robin Mirror by Boca do Lobo

The gold tone of this round mirror by Boca do Lobo can give an elegant look to your hallway design, while its exclusive design will make the space more bold. Place this mirror above a console table and you’ll get the perfect hallway decoration.


Spring Round Mirrors for Hallway Design
Guilt Mirror by KOKET

Spring brings the sun back to our life and there’s no better honor to this season than a mirror that reminds us the sun. This gold wall mirror by KOKET brings the glamour and empowerment of the sun, while spreads the light for the room.



Spring Round Mirrors for Hallway Design
Haiku Mirror by Brabbu

Spring is all about Nature and this tribal inspired mirror by Brabbu can bring a new touch to your home interiors. Different than the floral mirrors, this round design reminds a reed that is all around its structure.


Spring Round Mirrors for Hallway Design
Floral Wall Mirror by Porta Romana

This is another great example of round mirror with a floral and nature inspiration. The mirror design reminds a birds’ nest, which is a great choice to give a more nature inspired touch to your hallway design.


Spring Round Mirrors for Hallway Design
Lamour Mirror by Graham Green

Why have just one round mirror when you can have several? This wall mirror combines several round mirror surrounded by a polished brass structure, which gives a very trendy and elegant touch to the modern design.



Spring Round Mirrors for Hallway Design
Epulchent Mirror by Christopher Guy

Golden waves surround this round mirror, which give it a very glamorous touch. This wall mirror can be the statement piece of any elegant hallway design.


Spring Round Mirrors for Hallway Design
Bejeweled Apatite Mirror by Kelly Wearstler

The bright colors of gems are perfect to be the protagonists of the hottest seasons. This wall mirror by Kelly Wearstler has small stones all around the brass structure, which makes it very trendy and with a very classy look.



Spring Round Mirrors for Hallway Design
Round Mirror by Crate and Barrel

Black and gold are always a very classy and stylish combination that are perfect for bold home interiors. On a hallway design, this mirror will help to spread the light and give it a very spring touch!


A wall mirror is always an important piece in any room decoration. It helps to spread the light through the entire space and make the room design more stylish. On a hallway design, an exclusive wall mirror will be the perfect piece to bring a Spring touch and receive your guests with the most sunny and cheerful atmosphere!

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