9 Stunning Living Rooms by Kelly Hoppen


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9 Stunning Living Rooms by Kelly Hoppen


If there are names that can’t be out of the list of the best home decorators, Kelly Hoppen is certainly one of them. Room Decor Ideas thinks that she creates elegant spaces, where glamour and luxury are always presents. So, here you have a selection of 10 Stunning Living Rooms by Kelly Hoppen!


10 Stunning Living Rooms by Kelly Hoppen

This could be a normal living room, but Kelly Hoppen know how to add style even to the most common spaces. The round pendants in different heights give a modern look to the living room, while guarantee a perfect lighting, and the three white center tables add a touch of design.


10 Stunning Living Rooms by Kelly Hoppen

In this project, Kelly Hoppen choose two modern chairs that make this a modern living room. The white tones used in this residential project make the space peaceful and classy.



10 Stunning Living Rooms by Kelly Hoppen

This is a bold living room, very different from the usual projects of Kelly Hoppen. Use black furniture on a living space has to be something planned with care. It’s important to balance the dark tones with some highlights of lighter colors.


10 Stunning Living Rooms by Kelly Hoppen

On living spaces, it’s important to make a good plan of the space and where the furniture pieces will be. This living room has open spaces that make the room design fresher and elegant.


10 Stunning Living Rooms by Kelly Hoppen

To create comfort in a room decoration, home decorators use rugs on the living area. The white rug creates contrast with the dark floor and the black cabinets of the living room.


10 Stunning Living Rooms by Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen knows so well how to create perfect living spaces. This elegant living room has the perfect decoration on the centertable. The vase with flowers, the candles and the bowls make this room decoration simply perfect.


10 Stunning Living Rooms by Kelly Hoppen

This country home has an elegant living room with a luxury interior design. Kelly Hoppen preserved the rustic room design of the house, but added a fur rug and leather seating pieces to make the space more elegant.


10 Stunning Living Rooms by Kelly Hoppen

If you are trying to give a special touch to your living room design, try to add a comfortable suspension chair. Kelly Hoppen get an unique room decoration in this modern living room with just a single piece.


10 Stunning Living Rooms by Kelly Hoppen

In a classy living room like this one, it would be unthinkable to use a modern chandelier. But Kelly Hoppen created a perfect living room design combining in the same space different interior design styles.



Every living room created by Kelly Hoppen has a special touch given for a statement piece that the interior designer adds to the most classy and elegant room decoration. It can be a chandelier, a chair or a side table, but as the best home decorators, she knows how to make a room special. These living rooms are perfect to inspire you to create an elegant living space at home interiors.


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