The Best Tips To Choose Leather Furniture


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The Best Tips To Choose Leather Furniture


Leather speaks to quality, fashion and style, nothing compares to the enduring beauty of genuine leather and Just like any big decor investment, Leather Furniture should require thoughtful consideration and planning. It’s important to ask yourself exactly what do you need before you start shopping and beyond the basics, you’ll also need to understand the words that describe leather furniture.

Room Decor Ideas prepared  you a list of a few of the major terms you’ll come across along the way.

The Best Tips To Choose Leather Furniture

Top Grain

Graining refers to the markings or patterns on a hide’s surface just below the hair.

Full-grain leather is prized for its durability, natural characteristics, and the way it develops a beautiful patina over time

The Best Tips To Choose Leather Furniture


Are top quality natural leathers, also called pure, naked, & unprotected leather, this leather isn’t treated with a protective coating that would alter its natural feel.  Full-aniline-dyed leather is exceptionally sumptuous and soft “naked”. Shades may vary from hide to hide and even within one hide. Susceptible to surface scratches, natural markings are visible.

The Best Tips To Choose Leather Furniture


These leathers have a small amount of coating, giving them slightly better protection against stains and fading.

The Best Tips To Choose Leather Furniture


Pigmented leather is the most durable type and is used in the majority of furniture upholstery. The durability is provided by a polymer surface coating, which contains pigments. The surface coating allows a greater resistance to soiling, scuffing, and fading.

The Best Tips To Choose Leather Furniture

Suede And Nubuck

Suede is the result of brushed or buffed on the grain side leather creating a nap and leaving a texture similar to velvet. Usually Nubuck has a natural finish, but may have a light protective coat and a transparent leather dye for color.

The Best Tips To Choose Leather Furniture


We can find Oil Pull-ups or Wax Pull-ups, Oil Pull Up is found on aniline leathers only, giving the leather a wet oil look and feel. The Wax Pull-up finish can be applied over aniline or pigmented leather. This will leave a slick gloss feel and sheen to the surface of the leather.

The Best Tips To Choose Leather Furniture


Embossed leathers are lower-grade hides that have been imprinted with any of a wide range of texture this gives a creative & decorative look.

The Best Tips To Choose Leather Furniture


Can be a semi aniline or pigmented leather with multiple layers of color or tones. Often used to create hand wiped, distressed, antique, and multicolored appearances. The color layer may be very subtle or have a drastic color change. Savauge leather should have a top coat applied over the color layer for durability.

The Best Tips To Choose Leather Furniture

Leather has natural imperfections so when buying leather furniture keep remember  that it is not a defect and rather a quality of the leather and Like your favorite leather jacket, leather sofas and chairs only get better with age. If you love a piece now, you’ll love it even more down the road.

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