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8 Tips to Decorate your Home with Dark Colors


Dark colors always can bring a more elegant and mysterious look to any room. But use them on your home interiors isn’t an easy task. There are many other aspects that you have to take in count so you can get the perfect room decoration without being too dark or messy. So, Room Decor Ideas has 8 Tips to Decorate your Home with Dark Colors. You’ll see that it will become easy for you 🙂


7 Tips to Decorate your Home with Dark Colors

Create Contrast with the Ceiling in White: When decorating your home interiors with dark colors it’s important to create a point in the room decoration that brings light to the space. One of the easiest ways to get it, especially when you create a room decoration with black walls, is to create contrast with a white ceiling. It will help to spread the light all around the space! The gold tones of Exotica Dressing Table and Chandra Chair, both by KOKET, are another details that brings light and contrast.



7 Tips to Decorate your Home with Dark Colors

Shiny Metals: Accessories in metallic tones, such as gold, silver or copper, are always a great idea to get a luxury interior design in any room decoration. But when combined with dark colors, the shiny tones stand out and look even brighter. In the kitchen design, the contrast created between the dark green and black tones and the gold color of the polished brass counter stools and pendants is stunning!


7 Tips to Decorate your Home with Dark Colors

Use Textures: When decorating, not only the colors and materials are important to get the perfect room decoration. The textures are an important part of any home interiors. To create a more stylish look on your room design, combine the dark color with a bold and exquisite texture, like this black textured wallcovering!


7 Tips to Decorate your Home with Dark Colors

Paint a Colorful Wall: If you love dark furniture but you think that decorate an entire space with it is too much, this tip is especially for you! Be inspired by this beautiful modern living room and paint a wall in a cheerful color to create a contrast with the black furniture. You can also add some shiny details, like a polished brass touch on one of the design pieces, such as Yasmine Side Table, or a silver tone leather like on Drapesse Chair.


7 Tips to Decorate your Home with Dark Colors

The Magic of Mirrors: This trendy accessories are one of the favorite tricks of the best interior designers in the world. Mirrors can have a powerful influence on a room decoration! First because they can make a room looks bigger than it is and second, they help to spread the light all over the space, and this is what is important when you are trying to decorate with dark colors!


7 Tips to Decorate your Home with Dark Colors

A Bright Chandelier: If lighting is one of the most important parts of create a room design, when decorating with dark tones it become even more important! It’s essential that you have a great lighting system combined with beautiful lighting pieces to guarantee that the room decoration won’t be too dark and sad.


7 Tips to Decorate your Home with Dark Colors

Colorful Piece that Stands Out: A single design piece can make all the difference in a room decoration. When decorating with dark colors, try to add a colorful piece to the room design, like the modern Colette Sofa by KOKET. It will stand out in the space and make it look less dark, while gives a new life to the room decoration.



Decorate with dark colors isn’t easy, but with the inspiration of the most beautiful projects of the best interior designers in the world it can become easier. This decorating tips Room Decor Ideas selected for you will guarantee you get a stylish room decoration with a luxury interior design on your home interiors!


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