Top 5 Manhattan Dream Living Rooms


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Top 5 Manhattan Dream Living Rooms


Top 5 Manhattan Dream Living Rooms

Did you ever walked around beautiful Manhattan and imagined your amazing life there? You have seen this city in movies and read about it in books. Now you have the opportunity to see how life would be if you had the chance to live in the amazing island of the Big Apple.

Top 5 Manhattan Dream Living Rooms
Dreamy Living Rooms – Photo #1


Being a “Manhattaner” is not just to be able to drink a latte macchiato from Starbucks while you eat your morning bagel reading the newspaper and waving for a cab. If you live in Manhattan you have taste, style and dream about the perfect apartment where you could enjoy the city’s skyline. The simplicity of the modern pieces involved in this black, gold and white ambiance give us a typical living room for one of the most fabulous living rooms in Manhattan.


Top 5 Manhattan Dream Living Rooms
Dreamy Living Rooms – Photo #2


A new yorker always needs to have a window at the end of the hallway so they can see the incredible Manhattan skyline. In tones of grey and torquiest we can see the most amazing autumn furniture. A very trendy side table and a piano to die for, this dream room decor idea is what New York is all about: fashionable and modern furniture.


Top 5 Manhattan Dream Living Rooms
Dreamy Living Rooms – Photo #3


In a more simplistic way here we have another kind of how your life in the Big Apple could be. In tones of white and a very trendy autumn color as red, mixed with metallic textures and a majestic view, this living room gives us a sensation of purity and angelic lifestyle. This is one of our favorite apartments due to the relaxing idea that it brings within an amazing room design idea.


Top 5 Manhattan Dream Living Rooms
Dreamy Living Rooms – Photo #4


If you have a more classic style, black and gold will be definitely your thing. New yorkers love black and they are always wearing it but you can spice it up with some classy gold. I can just picture your perfect living room with a beautiful Mistress confidante by Koket you could give the touch of black and gold your Manhattan home needs.


Top 5 Manhattan Dream Living Rooms
Dreamy Living Rooms – Photo #5


Also, your Manhattan house needs personality. Your would think all these colors wouldn’t make sense but look how beautiful and alive the room is with tones of yellow, red, green, black and gold. Don’t forget to use and abuse of wall sconces, colorful sofas like Colette by Koket – love happens – and other pieces of modern furniture.

To sum up, to create your perfect Manhattan apartment you just need to know the trends at the right moment and give a little bit of you to your home, so you can feel safe and fabulous in it. We hope these ideas will be good to improve your style at home.

So, what’s your opinion about the Top 5 Manhattan Dream Living Rooms ?! Great, aren’t they?


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