What to Consider When Selecting Upholstery Fabrics


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What to Consider When Selecting Upholstery Fabrics


One of the most important decisions you can make when buying upholstery is what fabric to choose. Whether we are talking about a big new sofa or to re-upholstering a vintage piece, we always need to consider different options when to picking new upholstery fabrics!

Usually we are attracted to a particular upholstery fabric because of its color palette, pattern or the interior design style. But Room Decor Ideas will help you to look beyond furniture colors and styles. These are the tips to select what type of upholstery will work in your project and which one will work best for how you live.

What to Consider When Selecting Upholstery Fabrics
Exotic Iridescent Anaconda fabric by KOKET.
What to Consider When Selecting Upholstery Fabrics
Exquisite Rouched Cocoa Brown fabric by KOKET.

First, determine where the upholstered furnishings will be located at home, how much natural light it will receive, who will be using the furniture and for what purposes. Durability it will also depend on it! Imagine that upholstered pieces are destined for family gathering spaces, then you should pick durable, easy-clean upholstery fabrics, such as olefin and microfibers.

Luxury Purple satin.
Patterned cream and pink fabric.

Instead, the delicate upholstery fabrics are suitable for chic and luxury rooms, the ones that usually accommodate gracious entertaining. So save the silks and brocades for the most exquisite upholstery fabrics and upholstered furniture. For brightly lit areas you can go look for fade-resistant polyester and acrylic upholstery fabrics.

Other requirements to consider when looking for suitable upholstery fabric are intricacy of pattern or weave: the tighter the weave the more durable the fabric; of course it will go along with the fibre composition too.

Grey Utopie fabric by Casamance.
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Serpent Balck fabric by Kelly Wearstler

See if they have natural stain resistance. If you’re looking for fabric for dining chairs, it better be super resistant, isn’t it? Take on consideration how the fabrics feels to the touch and the resistance to abrasion (friction created by moving across the fabric). Most upholstery fabrics have a high synthetic fibre content like polyester and it has a great abrasion resistance. When combined with natural fibres such as cotton or linen, it will more stain resistance, while still the appearance and texture of the natural fibre.

What to Consider When Selecting Upholstery Fabrics Silky Velvet Cream by KOKET
Silky Velvet champagne color by KOKET.
Deep Blue Lustrous Velvet by KOKET.

Another qualities is to see the fire-retardantrating, colorfastness, and resistance to moths and mildew. Also, don’t forget the practical side: how much fabric cleaning you’re willing to take on? And, of course, the amount of money are you willing to spend with it. At the end, just keep in mind to read all tags and labels, they are super helpful!

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