10 Bedroom Designs by Katharine Pooley You Need to Know


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10 Bedroom Designs by Katharine Pooley You Need to Know


A bedroom should always the most private and personal space in home interiors. It’s important that the room decoration makes you feel comfortable in it, like you belong there. Room Decor Ideas is a huge fan of Katharine Pooley and all the amazing interiors she create. So, to inspire you, we made a selection of 10 Bedroom Designs by Katharine Pooley You Need to Know to improve your sleep oasis!



10 Bedroom Designs by Katharine Pooley


The furniture pieces are always a very important part of any room decoration. In a bedroom design, there many design pieces that can help you to create the perfect bedroom decoration, but, of course, the bed is one of the most importants. A beautiful bed headboard, like this one, can help you to get the most perfect and elegant bedroom design!


10 Bedroom Designs by Katharine Pooley

Even in a bedroom design, seating areas are necessary to create a cozier room decoration. Katharine Pooley is one of the home decorators that always create this area in every bedroom design, even in small spaces. As this is a small bedroom, the placed a two seat sofa right in front of the bed.



10 Bedroom Designs by Katharine Pooley

Katharine Pooley likes to create contrast and give a highlight to the wall behind the bed. In this bedroom design, the interior designer created a kind of wall panel with that is aligned by the nightstands. You can use this panel to introduce a pattern in the bedroom, for example, a floral pattern for Spring and Summer time.


10 Bedroom Designs by Katharine Pooley


When you have a small bedroom, the entire space has to be carefully planned so you can have everything you need and, at same time, the space doesn’t look to full and messy. In this bedroom design, Katharine Pooley choose to have a very simple room decoration, with a display, a bed and two nightstands.



10 Bedroom Designs by Katharine Pooley

One of the best ways to make a space looks bigger than it really is is to use wall mirrors. But there are many ways of get this effect, without using the tradicional wall mirrors. You can use this bedroom decoration as inspiration and create two different mirroed panels in the space, like Katharine Pooley did.


10 Bedroom Designs by Katharine Pooley

When you have a large bedroom, there are always several ways to make a good use of the space. Katharine Pooley is a fan of creating living spaces inside the bedroom design, like a small living room. Place a sofa, a couple of chairs and a center table and you’ll have a new space inside your bedroom where you can relax.


10 Bedroom Designs by Katharine Pooley

Katharine Pooley is a home decorator that likes to go neutral on bedroom color schemes. You can combine different shades of beige on the entire room decoration and then add some wood furniture to create contrast.


10 Bedroom Designs by Katharine Pooley

Cushions can be your best friend when decorating a bedroom. These, combined with the bed linen, can bring a new contrast with a pop of color to the bedroom design. Choose cushions with different colors and you’ll create a new bedroom decoration!


10 Bedroom Designs by Katharine Pooley

In this bedroom design, Katharine Pooley decide to create two different areas: one with the bed and the nightstands, to sleep, and the second one with a sofa and chairs, where you can spend some time relaxing or reading a book or a magazine.


10 Bedroom Designs by Katharine Pooley

One of the most essential things to create the perfect bedroom decoration is to make the space as coziest as possible. And there are many ways to get this cozy bedroom design, but the most simple one is to place a rug that covers the entire floor.


These bedroom designs are such an inspiration for elegant and luxury interior design. Always keeping in the line of the neutral tones, Katharine Pooley is able to create a world of glamour inside an unique space, always with a very eclectic room decoration. You can use these bedroom decor ideas to start to improve your own bedroom and create what will be your sleep oasis, where you can spend relaxing and cozy nights!


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