Best Interior Designers in Miami - Meet Brown Davis


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Best Interior Designers in Miami – Meet Brown Davis


Best Interior Designers in Miami – Meet Brown Davis ⇒ Brown Davis Interiors are a very well established interior design company, founded by Todd Davis and Rob Brown in 1994. Based on the classic architecture and craftsmanship method, this company presents a great number of luxury projects, that is an absolute sight to be seen.


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Brown Davis, it’s a famously recognized interior design firm in Miami Beach, Florida. Within a state that breathes everything that designs, it seems to perfect to be true, that this company fitted right in. Their amazingness happens due to their craftsmanship method in every project.


Credits: Brown Davis


Founded in 1994, Todd Davis and Rob Brown joined forces through their common passion for classic architecture, discerning environments, and extraordinary craftsmanship. Within their large spectrum of projects, they have designed two residences for President and Secretary of State Clinton, The British Embassy residence, projects with modern and classical architectural designs, as well as historic renovations.


Credits: Brown Davis


It’s incredible to see that, for each project, this design studio is 100% committed to the concept that is based on modern classicism and attention to details. The typical Miami characteristics such as the saturated hues and tropical landscape are the main influence of this interior design company.


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Credits: Brown Davis


Implying the roots of classicism, Brown Davis provides architectural, interior and landscape design. With attention to detail, they’re able to create the most amazing settings, pushing the creative boundary on every project. As you can see in the Portofino Miami Beach, the modern and contemporary vibe is settled, with a classic twist in the middle.


Credits: Brown Davis


Portofino Miami Beach presents a very “Miami” colour palette, where the purple and the white are the primary colours that are displayed in every room. Dark wooden pieces of furniture also produce a design statement within every room that’s presented. These colour choices perfectly state the luxury and classic concept, as well as the classic, which is something that defines Brown Davis.


Credits: Brown Davis


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