Luxury Penthouse in Moscow that Will Blow Your Mind


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Luxury Penthouse in Moscow that Will Blow Your Mind


Luxury Penthouse in Moscow that Will Blow Your Mind ⇒ This luxury penthouse is an interior design project located in the last two stories of a building in the South region of Moscow and with views over the beautiful Vorontsovsky Park, provided by the panoramic windows. This rooftop penthouse is another outstanding project by the amazing interior design firm Ciliegio Interior and it’s simply stunning!


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This luxury penthouse (which includes a pool!) counts with an area of 700 square meters, two stories, high ceilings and big windows that allow for both light to come in and panoramic views over the surrounding area. The big dimensions came of course as a challenge to the interior designer in charge of the project, Malika Denisultanova.



Luxury designArt Deco and Modern are all styles that could be used to describe the design of the luxury penthouse. Equipped with state of the art technology, the design is not only stunning but also very practical and functional, after all, it was designed for a big family with five children!


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On the first floor of the penthouse, you can find two spacious living rooms, one actually features our incredible Empire XL – an imponent chandelier with over 4 meters of height that actual. Still, on the first, you can also find the kitchen/dining room. In this elegant space, you can see two of our stunning chandeliers, the Burj and the Waterfall rectangular.



On the second floor of the house, you can find the private spaces – namely the bedrooms, which obviously include bathrooms and closets. On the bedroom above, the master bedroom the chosen lighting fixture is the Empire Suspension.



While designing this luxury rooftop penthouse in Moscow the designer wanted to obtain a rich and opulent style. In order to meet the client’s desires, Malika used expensive and luxury materials and the end result is a powerful design filled with great details as the wall beside the glass staircase in the picture above – a wall designed with marble and golden spheres.



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