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Inspiration: Bedroom Designs by Peter Marino


Peter Marino is one of the major inspirations for Room Decor Ideas! We consider him one of the best interior designers of the world! After all, his projects are full of glamour and elegance, but always with that eccentric touch on room decoration that is one of his images. Today, Room Decor Ideas has more inspirational projects for you: see the most stunning Bedroom Designs by Peter Marino!


Inspiration: Bedroom Designs by Peter Marino

Peter Marino knows that the best way to get a more daring look on a room decoration is to use patterns and even combine several ones sometimes. On this bedroom design, the interior designer choose a floral wallcovering to fill all the walls and then combine curtains with the same pattern.


Inspiration: Bedroom Designs by Peter Marino

If you are looking for inspiration to decorate your Swiss chalet with a luxury interior design, this bedroom decor is perfect for you. Peter Marino keep the entire room in wood and brown tones to create harmony on the room decoration and then add a color contrast with the blue rug.


Inspiration: Bedroom Designs by Peter Marino

Peter Marino can create the most elegant room decoration even in small spaces. The interior designer found a way to place every essential piece on this small bedroom design. The accent chair with the side table are a nice touch to complete the room design.


Inspiration: Bedroom Designs by Peter Marino

Sometimes all you need to get a the perfect bedroom decor is the essential furniture pieces. In this bedroom, Peter Marino only use a bed, two nightstands and two table lamps on the room decoration. And it still looks gorgeous. A great way to improve the room design is to choose beautiful bed linen.



Inspiration: Bedroom Designs by Peter Marino

If you have a large bedroom, you have to make a good plan so you get the right room design with a good ocupation of the space. Peter Marino choose to complete this bedroom decor with two different seating ares: one with a sofa and a side table; and the second one with two accent chairs and a center table.


Inspiration: Bedroom Designs by Peter Marino

Peter Marino knows that, when decorating, every detail counts to achieve a perfect room decoration. This bedroom design has some interesting and beautiful decorative details, like the black and gold cabinet, the modern painting and the chaise lounge with floral pattern.


Inspiration: Bedroom Designs by Peter Marino

This bedroom has a stunning room decoration! Peter Marino combined different patterns on this classic bedroom design, creating a space full of beautiful details. Notice how the interior design combined patterns with squares, stripes, flowers and even a more classic one on the rug.


Inspiration: Bedroom Designs by Peter Marino

Sometimes a single detail can make a huge difference on a room decoration. On this bedroom decor, Peter Marino decided to use a white bench with a fur cover on the top. This glamorous detail fits so well with the classic luxury interior design of the entire bedroom.


Inspiration: Bedroom Designs by Peter Marino

If your goal is to get a luxury interior design bedroom but without a too heavy room decoration, the best you can do is to choose a more simple color scheme. Peter Marino decorate the bedroom with shadows of yellow and white and then add a contrast with the black chest.


Inspiration: Bedroom Designs by Peter Marino

White tones are the perfect choice for bedroom designs. The interior designer and architect Peter Marino created this entire room decoration in white and gold details and the result is simply beautiful.



Peter Marino is, indeed, one of best architects and interior designers in the world. These bedrooms show how the home decorator is capable of create projects with different interior design styles and always get a glamorous and elegant look. Be inspired by these stunning bedroom designs to create your home interiors with a luxury interior design!


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