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Luxury Bathroom Inspirations By Brunete Fraccaroli


Luxury Bathroom Inspirations By Brunete Fraccaroli ⇒ Famous for creating luxury design projects filled with colour and bespoke furnishings, Brunete Fraccaroli is a renowned Brazilian interior designer. With 30 years of experience in architecture and interior design, the bespoke design projects created by the Brazilian interior designer have been published in several magazines, such as In Casa, TOP magazine, JLS Magazine, among others.


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Passionate about her field of expertise, Brunete Fraccaroli explains that in “architecture I can explore creativity, so I try to make my work totally different. I like to work with colours because colours have great potential to reflect the deeper emotions of our being!” I am known worldwide as the “colourful architect”.


“My goal is to make my client’s dreams come true through my projects, that is why I include them in all design decisions and always suggest the best option within their needs and dreams.“


Graduated from the Mackenzie University of São Paulo, Brunete Fraccaroli is currently recognized as the “Queen of Color” of Brazil. She incorporates unique colours, textures, and shapes in elegant shabby-chic environments are one of her passions, as you can see from her popular modern residential projects like Housing in Guarajá, Perdizes apartment, Sumaré residence, and Aclimação apartment.



In the 1990s, Brunete Fraccaroli joined the board of the Brazilian Association of Interior Designers – ABD, a position in which he remained for 13 years in search of greater recognition and regulation of professionals in the category. In 2003 she became president of ABD, the association’s period of great growth. From 2006 he became a member of the deliberative council, a position in which he currently remains.



Her boldness ensures recognition in the specialized press around the world, the architect is constantly published in architecture and decoration magazines and also featured in a large number of books and special periodicals. For Brunete Fraccaroli, “colour means life, movement, and energy.” This trait is reflected in her amazing works, where touches of colour are always present, even in more traditional spaces.  Besides her bespoke interiors, Brunete Fraccaroli designs her own high-end products, like the  Sheffield Plate collection and the colour “Acqua Fraccaroli ” for Cosentino.


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With a vast luxury design projects in Brunete Fraccaroli portfolio, there was one that truly marked her incredible career as a distinguished interior designer. “In 1999 I did the Deca project for Casa Cor in São Paulo and it was one of the most challenging projects since it was made in glass. This project was developed at a very difficult time in my life when I was losing my father, so it was a period of transformation when I used all my pain in creative energy and the result was great”, recalled the interior designer.



As for future expectations, the renowned Brazilian interior designer believes that she still has a lot of dreams and goals to accomplish. “I want to design a church, for example. Oscar Niemeyer worked until he was 105, so I want to teach people everything I’ve ever learned since I still have plenty of life and work. Life is an experience of creativity, I’m always reinventing myself and dreaming.”


“Today’s architecture should be based on the client’s quality of life and style so that space should be coherent with the person who will actually use the space. Comfort, technology, sustainable materials and (without doubts) the use of colors and are also trends that will endure.”


Brunete Fraccaroli believes that architecture and design are increasingly connected to people’s lifestyles. According to the interior designer, the secret to a successful project relies on the bespoke details, on the emotional meaning of each projected space.



Currently, Brunete Fraccaroli is working in two luxury residential projects in Brazil and in the USA. Inspired by the client’s amazing lifestyle, these two interior design projects will represent the new concept of the “new luxury” presented by the interior designer in several lectures. Fraccaroli’s clients are well-travelled, hard-working persons that love to travel and enjoy life.


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