Luxury Furniture Ideas - Meet the Whole-New Covet Valencia


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Luxury Furniture Ideas – Meet the Whole-New Covet Valencia


Luxury Furniture Ideas – Meet the Whole-New Covet Valencia ⇒ Covet Valencia is a 200 sqm baroque-style building converted into a luxury modern showroom which features a curated selection of furniture, lighting, and accessories from the COVET HOUSE’s top luxury brands. Located on the first floor of the Palace of the Marquises of Caro and next to the Hotel Inglés, in the prestigious Milla de Oro, COVET VALENCIA allows its visitors to not only test a market-oriented selection of products but also find all the tools needed to create the most unique projects.


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Luxury Tapestry


Luxury Furniture Ideas - Meet the Whole-New Covet Valencia


Market-oriented, this showroom focuses itself mostly on mid-century style. Paying full respect to the overall aesthetics through the use of pastel colours and hues, both on furniture and upholstery but also thanks to the structure and architecture of the showroom, which made itself the perfect recipient for Essential Home’s retro-inspired pieces. But Covet House gathers inspiration from the most unexpected places, that’s why it joined forces with BRABBU. With a handpicked selection of products that perfectly blend with the very distinct style of Essential Home, the nature-inspired brand BRABBU brought the very best of the earthy tones to provide a composed aesthetic and overall complete look.


Luxury Furniture Ideas - Meet the Whole-New Covet Valencia


The living room staging is the perfect culmination of two of these brands, along with Essential Home‘s sister brand, Delightfull. A brand that also brings the mid-century inspired design into the world of lighting, to literally shine a light on all the luxurious pieces in Valencia’s showroom.

Monocles Sideboard by Essential Home – Built entirely out of solid walnut wood, accented by its gold plated brass front doors that feature a protruding circular design.

Atomic Suspension by Delightfull – A modern design interpretation of the atomic age, inspired by the composition of the atom.

Oreas Single Sofa by BRABBU – This channel-tufted sofa is fully upholstered in soft cotton velvet, making it the perfect addition to any living room.

Saari Sofa by BRABBU – Upholstered in cotton velvet and with a base in matte vintage brass, this lounge sofa will bring comfort and elegance to any living room.


Luxury Furniture Ideas - Meet the Whole-New Covet Valencia


This dining room area mixes various styles, providing an almost eclectic vibe, with the mixture of the mid-century inspired lighting and the classic of the accessories and upholstery. What really brings this look together is the use of earthy tones, like beiges, browns, silvery hues and of course orange.

Ike Suspension by Delightfull – With its clean lines, this dazzling lamp is handmade in brass and aluminium and features a glossy black and gold plated finish, representing a high-quality craftsmanship.

Dalyan Dining Chair by BRABBU – Normally upholstered in synthetic leather, it is the perfect seating solution for an impressive dining room decor.


Luxury Furniture Ideas - Meet the Whole-New Covet Valencia

The bedroom staging is also very mid-century inspired. The characteristic harsh lines used in this decor are visible in every piece of the setting. From the wardrobe, with a clear square pattern and geometric black lines and lacquering, to the floral print of the wallpaper, the shapes and simple design of the bed and ultimately the accessories and lighting.

Sophia Panel Bed by Essential Home – Expertly stitched from the top to the bottom and accented with tufted brass buttons on both sides, proving the high-quality of this stunning piece.

Brubeck Round Suspension by Delightfull – handmade this round chandelier in brass, covering it with a gold-plated finish, which can be customized in multiple other finishes.


Luxury Furniture Ideas - Meet the Whole-New Covet Valencia


Finally, the bathroom staging is the ultimate experience of an art deco-inspired bathroom, with all the symmetric pattern both on the walls and the scale shapes of the luxury bathroom pieces. Culminating the overall look with the retro appeal of the art deco movement.

Koi Bathtub by Maison Valentina – The contrived patina iron tub has an oval shape and a curved lip, making it the perfect resting spot for your head.

Koi Freestanding by Maison Valentina – Since it uses a scale pattern based on the koi carp, it gives, somehow, an optical illusion of a meshwork.


Luxury Furniture Ideas - Meet the Whole-New Covet Valencia


Being the perfect balance between both retro and contemporary aestheticCovet Valencia has the groovy and special vibe to it. Covet House started a clear mission on inspiring the world with various styles, shapes and trends. Being the most powerful tool to creativity, this mission has never been more focused, with showrooms scattered all over the world: Covet Douro, Covet London, Covet Paris, Covet NYC, Covet Valley… and now the most recent: Covet Valencia! Schedule your visit here!


From Monday to Friday

(Mornings from 10 am to 2 pm | Afternoon by appointment)

Saturdays by appointment


Calle Rinconada Federico García Sanchiz, nº7


+0034 963 522 300


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