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Stylish Folding Room Dividers for Bedroom


A folding screen can be a seductive piece and, of course, one of the best rooms to use a sensuous design piece is the bedroom. Room Decor Ideas brings you the most stylish folding room dividers for bedroom, so you can get a beautiful room decoration.

Stylish Folding Room Dividers for Bedroom
Euphoria Screen by KOKET

With a nature inspiration, this black folding screen is perfect for feminine bedrooms! The gold details given by the butterflies that adorn the structure of this beautiful room divider are such a delicate and elegant touch!


Gold Folding Screen by Boca do Lobo
Gold Folding Screen by Boca do Lobo

Gold is always a good idea for home interiors! And of course that you can use it too on your bedroom design. This gold room divider will fill with elegance your bedroom decoration!


Stylish Folding Room Dividers for Bedroom
Koi Screen by Brabbu

The design of the furniture pieces are always an important part of the room decoration and this brass folding screen will give a new style to any bedroom design.


Luxury Room Dividers for Living Room

Jezebel Screen by KOKET

One of the major trends for 2016 is the comeback of Art Deco and this antique mirror screen is the perfect piece to make an update to your bedroom decor. You can place them right in front of the window and you’ll get a bedroom full of natural light!



Stylish Folding Room Dividers for Bedroom
Trinity Screen by Malabar Emotional Design

A folding screen that combines different materials is a great piece to have in a bedroom design. This black and gold screen combines black laquer with mirror details on its gold structure, which makes it a luxury piece by excellence.


Stylish Folding Room Dividers for Bedroom
Profondeur Screen by Christopher Guy

Mirrors and pieces with mirror can help you to get more natural light in any room design. This mirror folding screen will spread the light through the entire space, giving the bedroom a more elegant look.

Stylish Folding Room Dividers for Bedroom
Jay Folding Screen by Boca do Lobo

Black never goes out of style and it is always a synonym of elegance and even mystery. This black folding screen is a great design piece to bring that dark glamour into the bedroom decor.



Stylish Folding Room Dividers for Bedroom
Deux Femme Folding Screen by Christopher Guy

Combining two different materials, this modern folding screen is perfect to be on an elegant bedroom design. The imitation of greek sculptures on the side is such an eclectic touch.


A folding room divider can be the perfect piece to complete your bedroom design. Place them in a strategical place so you create a little of mystery in the room decoration. You just have to choose the right one, that combines with the entire room design and add a touch of luxury and glamour to your bedroom!


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