Superkül Is Reshaping Toronto's Cityscape


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Superkül Is Reshaping Toronto’s Cityscape


Superkül Is Reshaping Toronto’s Cityscape ⇒ Their incredible design projects created by award-winning design studio have been published in several international design magazines like Canadian Interiors, The Toronto Star, Arch Daily China, and Canadian Architect.


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Founded in 2002, Superkül studio has easily been recognized as the leading Canadian design practice throughout the years. Led by Meg Graham and Andre D’Elia, the Toronto-based architectural studio gain several and incredible architecture and design awards and recognition in several esteemed publications in local, national and international contexts through their commitment to excellence, pragmatism, and advanced building technologies.


Always performing a “relentless search for what is authentic”, they believe in long-term sustainability, that is able to guide the direction of the firm towards creating a brighter future. Right now, they Superkül involved in many exciting projects such as “infill micro-housing, a University Student Centre, bespoke retail projects, and a 500,000-square-foot mixed-use building, comprising residential/commercial/retail functions. In other words, a diverse set of projects”.



Their success is due to the love they have for “the deep creative process that pulls everyone in to achieve our clients’ dreams”. That translates into a meticulous method, where Superkül guides every client from the first step, through the creative process, and to the final result, which is completely worth it.



In order to get these accomplishments, there’s a constant motivation and a need for professional fulfilment around every design project, to achieve the perfect results. “My motivation in life comes from (to paraphrase Madonna) a deep fear of being mediocre. I am driven to experience life as deeply and fully as possible, which for me means making and building a life and a body of work that is honest, beautiful and profoundly connected to the world and people that inhabit it”.



The architectural studio’s features a large range of projects all designed by the studio in “collaboration with their contractors and engineers”, from residential, commercial, to institutional buildings and master planning and feasibility studies. It doesn’t matter which type of project it is, the studio makes sure to stay true to their design identity which is “timeless, with a side of delight and surprise”.


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They make sure to be bold on their projects, surprising every client in the best way you could imagine. With that strong image of their studio, they affirm that they “don’t advertise, and tend to let the work speak for itself”. So Superkül establishes their goal to complete every project with a 100% commitment, focusing on the establishment of projects with absolute perfection, without the concern of transmitting their work through other channels.


Oben Flats Leslieville – Toronto, ON


Each of Superkül’s project counts on the immaculate attention to detail and search of the highest quality of materials and fabrics. Of course, the architectural studio has found some challenging times throughout the years, because “Challenges arise every day, and I’ve realized that overcoming them is all about a belief in the process and the goals, and perseverance”.



Craftsmanship is a very important element within the world of design and architecture because it shares a great and amazing contribution to every project that’s created by these artists. With that in mind, Superkülconsiders that “advances in product and component design abound” are leading the way through this aspect”. The studio is interested “in components that help advance sustainable objectives – components that are recycled, reused, highly energy-efficient, along with low-impact natural materials”.



Superkül stands as a perfect architectural studio that has already been featured in many recognized publications throughout the years, as well as the awards they have received for their outstanding projects. Their projects are innovative and are the perfect choice for every type of settings, such as residential and commercial. Superkül is Toronto’s best choice to enjoy Canada’s finest architecture style.


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