Take A Look At This Modern Contemporary Project In Kiev 


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Take A Look At This Modern Contemporary Project In Kiev 


The amazing design firm Bolshakova Interiors designed a contemporary home that feels classic, yet functional, and undoubtedly sleek. Taking inspiration from French and American interiors, such as the personal homes of Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren, in addition to influences from the Four Seasons Hotel designed by Pierre- Yves Rochon, the modern interiors were radically overhauled, from staircases to windows, flooring to façades. Join Room Decor Ideas and discover everything!

Dining Tables GIF Boca do Lobo

Based in the Ukraine but with offices in France and Cyprus, Bolshakova Interiors has been producing stunning contemporary, elegant and classy design projects all over Europe for quite some time now. They are led by Natalia Bolshakova that is also the director of the Society of British and International Design in Ukraine and winner of the European Property Awards 2015. The strong methods developed by Nataly forme the basis of the studio. Its essence is attention to the wishes of the client and careful management of each stage of the project, and this allows the creation of lasting universal design. These amazing values are shared by a strong and creative team that supports Natalia’s conceptions and shares her amazing creative vision. Bolshakova Interiors are clearly a name to be reckoned with within the Design Industry.

But now let’s focus on the design project that we have for you today! This is a country house with an area of 550 m2 that is located in Ukraine, not far from the city capital of Kiev. Natalia Bolshakova, Olga Drachuk and Petr Gerez were in charge of this project that cleary transmit us a contemporary vibe that is supported by a keen sense of elegance that shines thout all the details and all the furniture pieces.

“An Elegant And Refined House For A Family With A Child, Where Every Detail Matters.”


As the very own studio describes it, this house is “an elegant and refined house for a family with a child, where every detail matters.”. An this detail regarding the child is important because later we’re going to show you how far the versatility of the studio goes because besides creating stunning interiors fit for adults, Bolshakova Interiors are also capable of creating amazing kids spaces. But let us start with the Living Room/ Dining Room open space combo! In the afternoon, the beautifully designed living room is flooded with sunlight. The lounge area has a large window and is perfect for family get-togethers. The owner’s personal collection of pictures and ornaments find their ideal place in the house. We highçlight the use of amazing statement pieces of luxury brands like BaccaratBoca do Lobo and Eichholtz in this amazing room. We particularly highlight the incredible Heritage Sideboard by Boca do Lobo that is placed near the stairs and that it’s, on its own, a luxury piece of art.  We also love the amazing ceramic pieces by Lladro.

Heritage Cabinet By Boca Do Lobo

Heritage Cabinet By Boca Do Lobo

“Individual Style Is Emphasized In The Decoration Of The House, Which Is A Testament To Our Client’s Active Participation Policy. On This Project, We Worked Intensively With The Client In The Studio And At The Facility Actively Sharing Information.”

Bolshakova Interiors Website

The kitchen area is just as stunning as the living room. The austere furniture design and shining marble used in the design of the kitchen are complemented by cheerful textiles on the windows from the Hermes Jungle Life collection.

We promised you versatile and a surprise, so let’s talk about the amazing bedroom made for the child. It’s one of the most touching and charming rooms in the house! Everything in this house is considered carefully to ensure the child is comfortable and safe, but that is also surrounded by a relaxing environment filled with amazing details that can’t be appreciated by the child ye, but that also transforms this room into a relaxing sanctuary for the parents!

Speaking about the parents we can´t avoid showing you the master bedroom. For this design,  Bolshakova Interiors opted for dark colours that contrast with the more clear color scheme of the child’s bedroom and even of the living room. It was a bold choice, but a strong one! The team responsible for this choice justifies it in the following manner: “Human psychology suggests that in dark colours, we feel more comfortable and protected. The colour surrounds and envelopes us… Also a private zone such as this allows you to make bold personal decisions, to relax and gain energy for the following day.”

We end the tour by showcasing one of the bathrooms of the house. If features a panel PAMPA from the French house Pierre Frey. It contrasts powerfully with the marble textures, resulting in a stunning overall finish. Learn more about this project and check more photos at https://bolshakova-interiors.com/projects/private-residence-sunny-valley/

Cabinets Boca do Lobo

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