How to Use the best Benche in Your Home Decor


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How to Use the best Bench in Your Home Decor


When you think about statement pieces with the most practical use, I assure you benches will definitely come to mind. With four legs and a plank, you can create a bold and fierce furniture piece. From velvet to leather, to simple fabrics the options to the best upholstery are endless. Being that benches can be so diverse today here at Room Decor Ideas I will show some of the best ways to choose the best bench in your home decor. 

Bedrooms and living rooms are the most coveted places, however, you can place wherever you prefer benches are perfect assistant so you can use then in any place you need.

This bench by Koket called Lé-lé was genially used to create a place to sit in a space that otherwise would be useless. The place was also perfectly chosen since this bench doesn’t have a back, so when you sit you have the choice to lean against the wall.

best bench in your home decor

Envy chaise also by Koket was designed with a seductress in mind and with the purpose to ignite your affair with luxury design, and that is exactly what was created in te picture above, with clean and simples furniture pieces, and neutral tones you can create a sitting area in your living with the great advantage that with this bench you are allowed to the site in any direction.

best bench in your home decor

Create a focal point in your living room and don’t content yourself with just a practical solution. Bold textiles and colors with sexy velvets upgrade any living room and any room in your home.

best bench in your home decor
Source: AD – Robert C. Lautman
best bench in your home decor
source: AD- Pieter Estersohn

Bedroom benches are definitely the most seen, and the reason it’s the practicality they can give you, and to top it all of, they are no-brainers when it comes to home decor. Just use them to storage that and plop down and tie your sandals in the morning or kick them off at the end of a day.

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