The Best Summer Colors For you Home


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The Best Summer Colors For you Home


Even though spring is just starting, summer colors are already in our minds and while you’re in the mood to spring clean your entire house why not start preparing yourself to put away the darkness of winter, and surround happy with colors.

From dusky blues to pastel pinks, colors are getting a makeover in this summer of 2017. For a more confident look, lime greens, and dusky blues are taking center stage, while taupes and earthy greens remain the traditional look. If bold isn’t your style, consider incorporating light yellows, blues, and pinks to your walls to make a room stand out. And obviously, never forget white with bold accents.


What better way to bring more nature into Home? From dark greens to lush colors, greens are becoming more and more popular for indoor decor. You can use it on a statement wall or maybe just to maximize the look, incorporating pieces of furniture that contain natural textiles and organic materials.

White With Bold Accents  

White is one of those colors that many homeowners shy away from, as they are nervous about making an all-white room feel comfortable and welcoming. White can be the most refreshing color of the spectrum. It can evoke purity, cleanliness, but also confidence and sophistication.

summer colors

summer colors



Sky Blue 

Since it’s a beautiful color with a very elegant look, Dusky Blue can be used in the full room decoration. From walls to the upholstered furniture pieces, this classical color will fill the home interiors with glamor and elegance! Although usually, this color is better for the winter days, many interior designers decide to implement this color in their summer home interiors because it adds freshness and calmness.

summer colors

summer colors

summer colors

Bright Yellow

Subtle yellows have the ability to breathe life into a home and can convey a friendly environment to guests, however, strong Yellows has positive qualities like happiness, optimism, and confidence. The best rooms in which to use yellow are hallways as these are usually dark and yellow is a welcoming color and also in the breakfast room to help create a sunny, happy way to start the day. Just Keep in mind it’s still a strong color, so always create a truly harmonious color scheme use colors from the same color family.

summer colors

summer colors

summer colors

 Pastel Pinks

Pastel colors have slowly been making a comeback after falling out of favor in recent decades. And pastel pink can definitely make your home look lovely. Pastel pink tone can be also put on the walls because it is not strong and intrusive. Also, this tone doesn’t mean that is girly so it can be incorporated in the living room also.

Color is a key element in creating the mood of a room so just keep in mind when working with color in warm weathers you need to create a truly harmonious and to do that you nee a color scheme that uses colors from the same color family.

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